Tuesday, December 24, 2013

A Celebration of Sarah

A Memorial Service and Celebration of Sarah's life will be held on Saturday, December 28th. 

Memorial Service - 12:30pm:
Vanella's Funeral Chapel, Inc.
Oceanside Chapel
2860 Long Beach Road
Oceanside, NY 11572

Celebration of Sarah's Life - immediately following:
The Lutwin Home
115 West Olive Street
Long Beach, NY 11561
Street parking is available on West Olive Street and surrounding streets.

Depending on timing the day of, either before or following the Celebration of Sarah's life, all family and friends are welcome to join in a ceremonial walk to the nearby ocean. We will announce the sequence of events for this at the chapel at the end of the Memorial Service.
*Please dress warmly! If you are interested in joining Jason in paddling out into the ocean, please bring a wetsuit and surfboard (or reach out to us if you need one or both provided for you).

Donations may be sent via PayPal to hornfamilyfund@gmail.com. Donations received will be used to purchase a set of stones in Central Park engraved with Sarah's name and a message from Sarah to Lena. 

We are also working on a project of a book of letters for Lena. If you would like to write a letter to Lena sharing your favorite memories, stories and photos of Sarah, please email them to Meghan Horn at horn.meghan@gmail.com. Meghan will collect all of the letters and photos and compile them into a hardcover book to give to Lena.

Please feel free to call or email Caitlin Horn at 843.566.2228 (caitlinmhorn@gmail.com) or Meghan Horn at 415.225.0975 (horn.meghan@gmail.com) with any questions. 

Lastly, we encourage our family and friends traveling from out of town to post comments below regarding flight information and offer carpooling options to one another where they may be available. 

Nearby lodging options:

Long Beach Hotel
405 East Broadway
Long Beach, NY 11561
(This hotel is four blocks from the Lutwin home. We have secured a group rate of $119.00 per night - please mention the "Horn" weekend rate when calling the front desk).

Allegria Hotel
80 West Broadway
Long Beach, NY 11561
(This hotel is on the ocean and is where the Horn and Halperin families are staying. If you call the front desk and ask for the bereavement rate, it is $135.00 per night.)

With love,
The Horn & Halperin Families


  1. not enough tears...
    all our prayers are with Jason & Lena.
    xo, Kate (just another mom from Riverdale...we were in Lena & Sarah's first music-together class.)

  2. I have been following Sarah's journey through Susie and just want to send most heartfelt sympathy and love to you all as you walk this new path of grief. Erica Hyatt

  3. i am following your post for the celebration of Sarah.sends you love and sympathy.

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